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A Little Pill Called Love - Melanie Mason & Anthony Bowling
A Romance - the Ward Way
 by Jas T. Ward
Narrated by
Anthony Bowling and Melanie A. Mason

Rylie Marshall has blue, green, yellow, and a mixture of pills that made her "normal". But her idea of normal and what her mother or society wanted her to be never seemed to match up.

She lives day by day in a fantasy land within her own troubled head and books. Reading was her escape whenever even her head denied her such a haven. So, how was she to know that one day, sitting on the beach, a book would show her the one thing she didn't have, but might change her life...


Mike Newport had white, yellow, and striped pills that made him capable of being one of the most cutthroat corporate marketing advisers his clients could have. Not even a life-changing tragedy could slow him down. His days and most nights were spent with his head buried in flow charts, graphs, and spreadsheets. Busy was the best way - the heart could easily be ignored, as it was dying inside his chest. The last thing he needed was a vacation, but how was he to know that a carefree girl, playing in the waves and talking to the birds, might give him the one thing he had been avoiding...


From best-selling author Jas T. Ward comes a touching, quirky, fun, and gritty listen - A Little Pill Called Love. 

“Why the Ward Way?

Because I believe in writing books that take a reader on a thrill-ride. Action, danger, drama, sure. But also laughter, tears of joy and moments that make you want to stop just to scream.  My books are twisted, complex and full of heroes and heroines full of flaws and heart, but a reader cannot deny–total badasses.

Born and raised in Texas, Ward is a mixed bag of creativity spinning tales of paranormal, urban fantasy and even dark romance and horror; wrapped within a love story. She’s been dared to write a few contemporary romances but even those reads have characters that are real and twisted by their creator. 

Read what the reviewers are saying!

A beautiful story about two broken souls trying to find love!!!

- Rachel Yunk -


This was fun and sad and quirky and I loved it. I love my romance the Ward way.

B Marie


Beautifully tragic journey to love

 I was truly surprised at how this story captured my heart, making feel every high and low as I wanted these two hurt souls to find the love they both deserved.

Mary Jo Toth


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