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Editor / Graphic Artist

Sometimes serious and always a nerd, Amanda Mananda loves deeply and hates very few things in life. In the last year, I've taught myself not to be afraid of the kitchen -- which is fabulous because my mouth delights at the opportunity to try new foods (even if my stomach can't keep up at times). I am an expert cooker at eggs over-easy and an enthusiastic amateur at cooking everything else. I passionately love tea, coffee, soup, freshly-baked breads, hummus, broccoli, pomegranates, roasted vegetables of nearly any type, and -- most recently -- avocado smoothies with almond milk.

I appreciate anyone who has the patience to put up with me. I prefer mellow over rambunctious. I prefer looking forward over dwelling on what came before. I wake up with a song in my head before any thoughts can intrude. It's possible that I'm an avid connoisseur of video games; it's possible that my last sentence was an understatement. Have a happy. -:)

Literary Associate / Executive Assistant

An alumna from University Texas at Arlington, Heather graduated summa cum laude with a  BFA in Theatre Studies, emphasis on Dramaturgy. She is a trained theatrical  stage manager. Her favorites include “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”, "Rumors" and "Romance". Heather loves all things performing arts and is always willing to jump in and learn more about the entertainment industry.

In her free time, she loves to read any biography she can get her hands on, paint, crochet, and cuddle with her baby (dog) Dolly Parton. She is an avid collector of anything “I Love Lucy” and Lucille Ball. Heather lives in her childhood home in Texas where she was raised by her mother and grandparents.


"Act well your part, therein all the honor lies..." -- Shakespeare

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