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The Voices in Our Heads is pleased to add audiobook proofing to our author services.  We want to be the extra set of ears that will help you attain those five-star reviews on Audible.


Our studio has experience not in only audiobook proofing, but also in fully producing audiobooks -- and we are excited to share our skills with you! Our editors have decades of critical listening, voice and diction, and performance experience. We have a strong and solid sense of the current audiobook market, and are ready to give you that finishing bit of feedback for the final polish on your audiobook.


Let us listen while you get back to writing your next best seller!


Please see the calendar for availability and book your appointment today.


Basic Service


We will create a digital document while comparing the audio with your manuscript. Necessary pick-ups will be listed in a shared google document that will include manuscript page number, audio time code, and detailed note of the issue.

Pick-up notations can include:

+ Any audio that does not conform to or match the author's provided manuscript (e.g. missing or misread text).

+ Articulation, enunciation, and pronunciation errors.

+ Extraneous or distracting noises (e.g. mouth noise, mic taps, etc.)

+ Pacing.

+ Character Voice consistency (i.e. accents, simulated age, etc.)

Price (per finished hour of audio):

Example Quote for Basic Service:



Documentation TIME

(half of pfh)











12 x $20


Additional services available on request. Please contact us with any questions or queries you may have. We’d be delighted to discuss your proofing needs!

*Price is quoted in USD. Payment via PayPal.



PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


Please see our Availability Calendar. We will need a full week (i.e. 7 days) for a 6 – 8 hour audiobook.


Please contact us directly (via e-mail or Facebook Messenger) if your project is shorter or longer. Availability will vary for those projects.


In order to begin proofing your audiobook project, we ask that you upload the following files to a shared folder on either Dropbox or Google Drive and provide us the link for download:

+ All book chapters as individual .mp3 or .mp4 files.

+ The entire manuscript in a .doc or .pdf file.

We will NEVER share your files in ANY way outside of our company, and your files will be immediately deleted upon completion of your project.


All requested files will be required to be uploaded no later than 24 hours before scheduled proofing. If client is unable to meet this deadline, TVIOH reserves the right to reschedule the project to our next availability (once files are completely uploaded).


We require a deposit equal to ½ of PFH x $20. This will serve to book you onto our calendar. Booking is not confirmed until deposit is paid. (All payments must be made via PayPal.)

Your deposit will be credited towards your total fees on your final invoice. When your project is completed (and the final invoice is paid in full), the pick-up notation document will be shared with client -- either via e-mail or through Dropbox/Google Docs (per client’s preference). Client will receive their document within one business day after invoice is paid in full.


In the event that:


+ Documented errors are more numerous than what can be expected from an average audiobook project, and/or ...

+ The expected billable documentation time (i.e. half of the PFH) is consumed before the project is completed ...

... the client will be notified immediately when the trend is identified. Client may elect to terminate the contract at that time and will be billed for the number of finished proofing hours (at the time of contract termination). Or, client may continue the contract with additional documentation time added to invoice.

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